The “Charreada”

Charro Facts

Charros and Charras dedicate countless hours of training and spend thousands of dollars to learn and execute official competition in a controlled, safe and professional manner. Mexican rodeo has extensive rules of competition and animal welfare that ensure a reasonably safe environment for all competitors and livestock. Contemporary competition and safety rules are very similar to American rodeo.

Charreria goes way back, but experienced a resurgence after the years of the Mexican Revolution era. Owners of  Haciendas organized practical ranch labor events and the Charros consistently added artful skill, talent and gallantry to the everyday chores of practical ranch life.

Charros were respected military reservists and participated in uprisings and civil wars in Mexico. Their extraordinary horsemanship, roping skills and valor were essential in combat.  Charro soldiers would rope and detain enemies. They would also rope the oppositions  cannons and drag them through combat fields for use against the opposition. The “Adelitas” played an important role in combat and are celebrated in contemporary Charreria in the Escaramuza event. These events were fine tuned and many rules and regulation were applied to the events that are now known as official Charreria in Mexico and the United States.

Charreria is the official National sport of Mexico and  September 14th  has been officially declared “Day of the Charro”  in Mexico. Several cities celebrate Charro and Hispanic heritage throughout the U.S. Texas and California have the biggest celebrations. Santa Barbara has an elaborate celebration. Perris, California  declared the fourth Sunday of September as their own “Dia del Charro” . The effort prolongs the patriotic celebrations and community services throughout  Latino Heritage month. Since its inception, the primary mission of La Fiesta Charra has been to preserve and promote the arts and traditions of the classic Charro and his family. Everyone is invited and welcomed to join in the cultural legacy.

Charreria is the only official sport I know of  where a Grandfather, Father, Son and Grandson can actively compete on the same team.

 Escaramuza Charra likewise, is the only official sport where a Grandmother, Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter  can actively compete on the same team.