Charreada Equipment

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Sombreros de pelo de conejo —
Sincelado/leather craftsmen–
Don cuco bordados,chaarro suits trajes–
Espuelas/spurs —
  • Charro equipment, tools, training practices and techniques were derived from centuries of practical ranch work and ingenious improvisations born of necessity, pride and craftsmanship.
  • First and foremost, the most important tools used by the Charro are his Brains, Heart, and courage.  Wisdom, caring heart and valiant determination are required to be a accomplished Charro.
  • Love and respect for fellow Charros and Charras and their families is paramount.
  • The horses and livestock used in Charreria are an integral part of our organization. Their welfare is high on our list of priorities.
  • Almost all of our equipment, including attire, saddles and tack are made of natural materials such as Leather and the natural fibers of the Agave/Maguey plant. (Exceptions have recently been made to include the most sophisticated neoprene materials for legs, feet, cinch and back protection of horses).
  • The agave plant fibers are widely used in Charreria. Ropes that are hundreds of feet long  are carefully weaved and processed from this natural material. The finest fibers are weaved into “Pita” and are used in the decoration of our belts, saddles, sombreros and attire that are painstakingly hand stitched for hours, weeks and months at a time.Thousands of stitches are artfully designed into mere square inches. The talent and artistry is exceptional to say the least.
  • Another interesting fact is the delicious nectars for Tequila are processed out of the same beloved plant!!
  • Amozac Steel is the metal of Choice for bits, spurs and buckles and ornamental gear for Charro equipment and attire.
  • Rabbit hair is the favorite material for sombrero felt while palm and other natural fibers including wool and suede are also used for sombreros.
  • Deer horns, Bovine horn and hoof material are also popular components for Charro equipment.
  • Gold and silver embedded ornaments and thread are used in attire as well.