CFUSA &The Movies

Charros Federation USA has participated in various videos, short movies, documentaries and even a full length production movie a famous director and popular Oscar nominated Mexican actor worked in. The movie was named “A Better Life”. The movie was significant because of its powerful message, resonating effect and the positive emotions and understanding it conveyed. Chris Weitz was in a fortunate position, since he had just come off the sets with huge success directing “New Moon” of the Twilight Series. Instead of working another major production, he chose to portray a humble heartfelt project that was twenty years in the making. Demian Bichir received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor award. Only the second Mexican American ever to achieve that recognition ever since Anthony Quinn.

Participation in “A Better Life” will always be a cherished memory and accomplishment for us. Thank you Chris Weitz, Demian Bichir, Christian McLaughlin, Laura Greenlee and of course Jamie Gertz.

CFUSA was able to assist with information and access to Charro venues for the producers of “Escaramuza, Riding from the Heart”. A widely promoted documentary that gained national recognition and was featured in the PBS “Voces” series. A beautiful relationship and bond was created between the Charro community and our beloved friends Robin Rosenthal and Bill Yahraus, who produced the wildly popular documentary and several award winning documentaries throughout the years.

A lifetime friendship was born with “Escaramuza, Riding from the Heart”, The success and dedication to this documentary will benefit our culture forever. Thank you Robin and bill and Las Azaleas.

Several videos and filming opportunities have surfaced throughout the years. CFUSA Inc. is always available to assist in whatever way we can. We recognize the value and appreciate the opportunities extended to us and for that, we thank you all.

Sincerely, Tobias “Toby” de la Torre
CEO, Charros Federation USA Inc