Board of Directors



Tobias and Lina de la Torre

  • CEO 
  • Secretary



  • Founders of CUIDA, Animal Welfare Program and The Multicultural Educational Extravaganza
  • Chair Team of the National Preservation and Defense of Charreria and Rodeo Culture Committee 
  • Liaisons for Charreria and American Rodeo in the U.S.

Professional Referrals:

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Tomas Garcilazo

  • Official Ambassador for Charreria and National Spokesperson in the United States, Charros Federation USA
  • “Entertainer of the year” Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
  • National “Charro Completo” Champion and recipient of countless performance awards.     NFR Entertainer of the year

Maribel Gutierrez

  • National Escaramuza Coordinator 
  • Captain, Escaramuza Las Azaleas


Luciano De La Hoya

  • Public Relations Advisor, Safety Coordinator, CFUSA INC.
  • Mounted Posse member
  • Arena Compliance and Conditions Officer
  • President, Rancho De La Hoya Charro Association


Rick Verduzco

  • Events and Safety Coordinator, CFUSA INC
  • Public Relations Advisor
  • PRCA and Norco Mounted Posse member

Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo and Iris Lopez

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Lifetime Honorary Members

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Señorita Iris Lopez and Nicolas “Eddie” de la Torre

Lifetime Honorary Members