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CFUSA Inc. collaborates with Federacion Mexicana de Charreria of Mexico and American Rodeo representatives with few adjustments for competition in the United States.


CFUSA inc. is dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of Charreria and Rodeo in the USA, where culture and tradition can be shared, bringing family and friends together,  united in sportsmanship, honor and animal welfare.

We are dedicated to existing members and to individuals who crossed borders, searching for the American dream of a better life. Carrying in their blood, what their fathers and forefathers gave and taught them. Love for mankind, their horses, their culture and their traditions;  that they would pass on to their children, and God willing their children’s children.

We firmly believe that Mexican and American Rodeo practices reasonable use of livestock as long as we abide by the rules of competition and animal welfare laws.

Our Mission

To preserve the rich traditions and culture of Charreria and Rodeo in the U.S.A. while maintaining the dignity and respect of our sport while we educate the general public, community leaders and legislators regarding the many benefits of Charreria. We love to promote and share the unique family atmosphere that emphasizes honor and sportsmanship. CFUSA Inc. encourages community involvement, volunteering and cultural awareness in fundraisers that benefit fire departments, law enforcement and Cancer/Children’s hospitals in their efforts to assist the needy through toy drives and fundraisers.

We are proud of our signature  “Educational Extravaganzas” and “CUIDA animal welfare and First Aid provider certification” programs and cherished annual “Mothers Day Extravaganza”.

The Charro community is quickly becoming a voting force and voice for the Mexican American community. Our non-profit 501 (c) 3 Organization was established in 1991 and continues to be a charitable trust.

Competition and international exhibitions

Sanctioned events include official tournaments at the local, state, regional and national championship levels.  Competition is rounded off with the added flare of concerts, dances, ballet folklorico, and Andalusian horse presentations. Charreria provides a full circle of family entertainment. We are open to all teams throughout the United States.   Please visit Charreada Events descriptions for detailed information and competition rules.

CFUSA Inc. members participate in parades and community events and fundraisers with other non-profits or organizations with noble causes.

Charro and cultural exhibitions are a big part of our organization. We have participated with Mariachi USA at the L.A. County Fair as well as other prominent exhibitions. We are looking forward to extensive travels in 2013 as we join forces with Sports Quest International and several state and county fairs. These ventures will take us through California, to East Texas and Central Florida.

CFUSA Inc. proudly participates with Federacion Mexicana de Charreria in their annual Charros against Cancer and terminal illness tournaments.

The Organization

CFUSA Inc. will continue to promote and preserve the rich traditions of Mexican and American Rodeo and it’s culture.  Educational programs include participation in Ballet Folklorico, musical entertainment, history, and art museums along with business and career structure. Community involvement is a big part of our organization.

The Dream

Our dream is to build a multi-cultural training facility with a fully covered competition arena that could generate funds for a scholarship program and therapeutic riding center. The arena and facility would include a historical museum and art gallery.

The Goal

To provide a rich, life-changing experience for the general public and our members through education and authentic hands-on experiences. We would like to inspire all attendees to enrich their lives with culture and become involved with their community through voting and public service. We would like to plant the seed for a successful life and illustrious career.

Community Involvement

CFUSA Inc. is very proud to be involved in community outreaches.

Tobias and Lina de la Torre

  • CEO 
  • Secretary
  • Founders of CUIDA, Animal Welfare Program and The Multicultural Educational Extravaganza
  • Chair Team of the National Preservation and Defense of Charreria and Rodeo Culture Committee 
  • Liaisons for Charreria and American Rodeo in the U.S.

Professional Referrals:

Chris WeitzLaura GreenleePony Highway ProductionsMartin Range Images

Tomas Garcilazo

    • Official Ambassador for Charreria and National Spokesperson in the United States, Charros Federation USA
    • “Entertainer of the year” Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
    • National “Charro Completo” Champion and recipient of countless performance awards.
    • Facebook

Maribel Gutierrez

  • National Escaramuza Coordinator
  • Captain, Escaramuza Las Azaleas

Luciano De La Hoya

  • Public Relations Advisor, Safety Coordinator, CFUSA INC.
  • Mounted Posse member
  • Arena Compliance and Conditions Officer
  • President, Rancho De La Hoya Charro Association

Rick Verduzco

  • Events and Safety Coordinator, CFUSA INC
  • Public Relations Advisor
  • PRCA and Norco Mounted Posse member

Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo and Iris Lopez

Lifetime Honorary Members

Señorita Iris Lopez and Nicolas “Eddie” de la Torre

Lifetime Honorary Members

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CFUSA INC Specializes in educational and multicultural events and exhibitions.

Our goal is to provide events that help you understand the traditions of rodeo and appreciate  multicultural background.



We are careful to work with reputable individuals and companies who provide authentic demonstrations and artistry of what we represent. We are very proud of our impressive line up of Artists and Performers.

We strive to provide a unforgettable and educational experience.


Tomas Garcilazo

  • World famous Specialty Act for PRCA,              National Finals Rodeo
  • Official Ambassador and spokesperson
  • for Charreriain the U.S.A.
  • Recipient of countless performance awards from around the world including Europe and Mexico.


Maribel Gutierrez

  • National Escaramuza Coordinator 
  • Captain, Escaramuza Las Azaleas



Rancho Colibri

Alejandro “Cano” Luna is one of the few Pedro Domeq Certified Andalusian Trainers in the United States.



 Las Palomas Atzimba

Escaramuza Las Azaleas

Maribel Gutierrez

Escaramuza Las Palomas 

Atzimba Zamudio

5demayoortizfamilymeandgatewayschool 012

Ortiz Family Charro School


 531990_515632155160444_964083017_n (1)

Ballet Folklorico Instructor Silvia Loza with Cielito Lindo



Rick Verduzco

  • Events and Safety Coordinator, CFUSA INC
  • Public Relations Advisor



Luciano De La Hoya

  • Public Relations Advisor
  • Safety Coordinator, CFUSA INC. 

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Kid and Danny

Cesar Kid Bañuelos

PRCA Bronc Rider

Danny Primrose

PRCA Bull and Bronc Rider






  • Sergio Silva
  • Fito and Eddie Abedoy 
  • Freddie Rivera
  • Marcos Franco
  • Humberto Lugo
  • Ortiz family
  • And many more


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