AG DAY 2014, California State Capitol.

Charro Culture
December 19, 2013
Mother’s Day Event
April 23, 2014
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Charreria is alive and well in the United States! We are grateful for the opportunity to share the fact that contemporary Charreria is growing day by day.

AG DAY 2014 was a huge success.   The State Capitol event enjoyed the presence of the most visitors in many years. We would like to thank Bob Fox and Karen Ross and staff for the extended invitation to Charreria as invited guests to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies with Ballet Folklorico and trick roping demonstrations. Charros were out in force to meet and greet legislators and the general public. Informational brochures sponsored by Sam Alarcon and Sons construction company were distributed and educational videos were projected. Charro equipment was also displayed at the Charro booth and enjoyed by the many guests. 

Charros and Cowboys were proudly sharing our equestrian culture. We look forward to working together to preserve our culture and heritage. Mexican and American rodeo is the reasonable use of livestock as long as we abide by our competition rules and animal welfare laws. My goal is that one day, Charros and Cowboys of all ethnicities, Democrats and Republicans, equestrian and agricultural enthusiasts, will all stand together united in the labor of preserving our equestrian culture and sport through education, knowledge and animal welfare.