December 19, 2013
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December 19, 2013
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Contemporary Charreria derives from many ranching events and practical ranch administration. Over the years, Charreria in the United States and Mexico have evolved into hugely popular events that offer family fun and entertainment as well as a source of pride and economic benefit to the communities around them. A Charreada consists of 10 events and the added flare of Musical entertainment and various elaborate performances by popular artists and entertainers. Large events include a variety of entertainment including Ballet Folklorico, Beautiful dancing Analusian Horses, and exhibitions add to the exiting Extravaganzas. The celebrations are usually topped off with dancing and friendly reunions including delicious Mexican food and beverages.
This video is a compilation of various performances and participation with friends of the Charro and Cowboy community.

Mexican and American rodeo performances practice reasonable use of livestock. Great care is taken to ensure the safety and welfare of all participants. We abide by the established rules and regulations of competition and respect the laws of the land and animal welfare regulations.

Horses are not tripped or caused to fall down in the United States since 1995.
Charreria and rodeo are beautiful competition that families enjoy together, United in sportsmanship, honor and animal welfare.

Charros Federation USA works with Federacion Mexicana de Charreria to promote and preserve the sport in the USA.