Charros, Cowboys, Agriculture and Cattle Industry promoting and preserving our culture.

Three days of festivities. Free admission on Sunday!
December 7, 2012
June 19, 2013
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A welcome alliance is showing strength. The Charro, Cowboy, Agricultural and Cattle communities are enjoying a bipartisan alliance that is bearing fruit in the labor of preserving our traditions, culture and sport throughout these United States of America.

Extreme activists have tried to malign and accuse our communities of all sorts of abuse using all manners of exaggeration and misinformation, but the truth rises above these tactics and the results have been the same. We have proven that Mexican and American Rodeo is the reasonable use of livestock and we abide by our established rules of competition and animal welfare laws. Several unnecessary anti Rodeo/Charro bills have been defeated in California, Nevada, Colorado and Oregon recently. I am confident that our communities will continue to enjoy our sports and industries as long as we continue to be diligent and work together to preserve our livelihood and culture.
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